Be patient and smart, and we’ll all get through this thing.

Can’t say that I’m bored shut-in and social-distanced, no sir, not with all the fun I’m having getting reacquainted with my 30-year-old comic book and graphic novel collection. It’s newly freed from the family storage space after going in 25 years ago. I don’t even remember what all I have, so we’re about to find out together, ha.

The Coronavirus pandemic sucks balls, but I’m grateful to have some time to devote to my “long-lost” babies. I’m immuno-compromised, so heading out any time soon is not in my game plan.

My heart goes out to everyone suffering from and/or affected by the Corona-scourge, and may those who have died somehow rest in peace (personally, I’d be pretty pissed). Please social-distance, hand-wash thoroughly, only buy what you need so there’s some for everyone else, and be patient.

This, too, shall pass.

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