Books A to F

Comic book collection 1985 – 1998. Some titles are incomplete due to a house fire I suffered because of an arsonist 30 years ago. I read each book the second I got home from the book store back in the day, without damaging the spines (except for the crateful I inherited from my little brother when he passed away in 2008). I couldn’t help it! I was a voracious reader hooked on the stories, the heroes and villains, good versus evil. 🙂 I’ve just come off of a long, necessary hiatus and, once again, these pages will be UPDATED REGULARLY as I inventory and add to this blog that I originally began in March 2020.

NONE OF THESE BOOKS ARE SLABBED, simply in regular sheaths. My ratings are so that you understand the condition they are in.

4C: Katsura Masakazu Illustrations (1998 Shueisha)

A Distant Soil (1991 Aria Press)

Akira (1990 Epic/Marvel)

Appleseed (1991 Eclipse Int’l)

Aquaman (1991 DC)

Archie’s Super Teens (1996 Archie Comics)

Aria (1999 Image)

Armageddon (1991 DC)

Avengelyne (1995 Maximum Press)

Avengelyne: Power (1995 Maximum Press)

Ballistic (1995 Image)

Batman (1982 DC)

The Batman Adventures (1994 DC)

Battle Chasers (1998 Image)

Blood Sword Dynasty (1989 Jademan)

Blue (1999 Image)

Bubblegum Crisis (1994 Dark Horse)

Cage (1992 Marvel)

Captain America (1988 Marvel)

Captain Atom (1991 Marvel)

Cat & Mouse (1990 Aircel)

Cat Claw (1990 Eternity)

Catwoman (1995 DC)

Chase (1998 DC)

The Clandestine (1994 Marvel)

The Crow (1993 Tundra)

Crying Freeman (1989 VIZ Premiere)

Crying Freeman: Shades of Death (1992 Viz)

Cyberforce (1993 Image)

Cyblade / Shi (1995 Image)

The Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix (1994 Marvel)

Danger Girl (2000 Wildstorm/DC)

Daredevil (1988 Marvel)

Darkchylde: The Descent (1998 Image/Homage)

Darkchylde Sketchbook (1998 Dynamic Forces)

Darkhold (1992 Marvel)

Dark Minds (1998 Image)

Dazzler (1984 Marvel)

Deathstroke The Terminator (1992 DC)

Death: The High Cost of Living (1993 DC/Vertigo)

The Dirty Pair (1990-95 Eclipse/Dark Horse)

The DNAgents (Eclipse 1983)

Drunken Fist (1990 Jademan)

Eclipso (1992 DC)

Elementals (1987 Comico)

ElfQuest (1988 Marvel/1990 Warp)

Elongated Man (1992 DC)

Excalibur (1987 Marvel)

Fantastic Four (1987 Marvel)

Fathom (Michael Turner, 1998 Top Cow/Image)

Firestar (1986 Marvel)

The Fly (1991 Impact/DC)

The Force of the Buddha’s Palm (1991 Jademan)

Freex (1995 Ultraverse/Malibu/Marvel)

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