Books G to Z

Comic book collection 1985 – 1998. Some titles are incomplete due to a house fire I suffered because of an arsonist 30 years ago. read each book the second I got home from the book store back in the day, without damaging the spines (except for the crateful I inherited from my little brother when he passed away in 2008). I couldn’t help it! I was a voracious reader hooked on the stories, the heroes and villains, good versus evil. 🙂

 I’ve just come off of a long, necessary hiatus and, once again, these pages will be UPDATED REGULARLY as I inventory and add to this blog that I originally began in March 2020.

NONE OF THESE BOOKS ARE SLABBED, only in regular sheaths. My ratings are so that you understand what condition they are in.

Gambit (1993 Marvel)

Generation X / NeXt (1994-95 Marvel)

Ghost (1995 Dark Horse)

Ghost Rider (1992 Marvel)

Green Lantern Corps Quarterly (1992 DC)

Guardians of the Galaxy (1991-92 Marvel)

Harbinger (1993 Valiant)

Heru, Son of Ausar (1993 ANIA)

Human Torch (1990 Marvel)

Iron Marshall (1990-93 Jademan)

Justice League America (1990-93 DC)

Justice League Europe (1989-93 DC)

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